Drawcard provides a creative and visually appealing media format that touches consumers in their everyday environment – where they dine, drink and socialise, allowing them to opt into brands with an open mindset.

Drawcard uses the very popular postcard medium to communicate your message to the public in a fun and unique way. Drawcard works because consumers actively engage and interact with the product by picking it up, looking at the artwork and reading the message. This means our clients’ message is delivered right into the hands of their target audience.

Our high-quality displays and venues reflect the quality of our advertisers, and ensure that our clients’ messages are presented a cut above other advertisements in the immediate environment.

Penetrate your market:

  • Allow your message to be self-selected by a relevant audience interested in what’s on offer
  • Reach consumers where they live, play and shop with an open mindset
  • A long life span, continuing to impact as cards are kept and passed on
  • Actively sought-out, selected and shared, displayed at work and home

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